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ICAT Simplifies Government Contract
Accounting and Reporting

ICAT (short for Indirect Cost Allocation Tool) adds essential cost accounting and reporting capabilities to your QuickBooks accounting system, so you can confidently compete for and manage government contracts.

Get more from your accounting system

ICAT integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks so you can quickly and easily satisfy FAR requirements,
pass a DCAA SF1408 accounting system review,
and qualify for new contract opportunities.
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Indirect Rates

Instantly View Your Fringe, Overhead, and G&A Rates

Forget tracking manual indirect rate calculations on spreadsheets.

ICAT automatically calculates indirect rates from your QuickBooks data. Configure your company's indirect cost pools and allocation bases, and let ICAT do the work for you.

Instantly view your actual indirect rates, along with your wrap rate, so you always know where you stand. Customize your date ranges to easily track trends.

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Indirect Cost Allocation

Automate Cost Accounting — without High Implementation Costs

ICAT accommodates any cost pool structure so you can accurately and consistently allocate indirect costs to contracts from your QuickBooks general ledger data. Customize your rate model, or use an ICAT template.

ICAT gives government contractors core capabilities to streamline contract cost accounting.
  • Understand the composition of indirect cost pools
  • Seamlessly track costs to the appropriate final cost objectives
  • Generate fully-loaded contract cost reports
Get up and running in no time with your current accounting system.
ICAT report illustration shows facilities costs allocated to G&A and Overhead cost pools

ICAT report illustration showing indirect rate calculations
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Fully Loaded Reporting

Gain Visibility with Timely Reports

Quickly see both direct and indirect costs by contract so you can make informed decisions and effectively manage your business.
  • Run a P&L by Job including indirect cost allocations
  • Track contract status in labor, T&M, and cost formats against contract budgets, and cumulative billings against funding thresholds
  • Produce labor distribution reports to provide an audit trail for labor allocations
  • And more!
ICAT enables you to run reports for any timeframe from your current QuickBooks data.

Icon with pie chart and pencil for budget planning

Budget Development

Drive Growth

Calculate indirect rates for future periods. Build your company budget to plan resources, analyze pricing, support cost proposals, and develop provisional billing rates. Include proposal data to see the impact of new work.

ICAT's budget development module equips government contractors with a powerful tool for forecasting and reporting on future periods.

You'll gain insights to recover costs, price new contracts, and grow your business.
ICAT report illustration shows budget vs. actual comparison

ICAT report illustration shows incurred cost proposal schedules generated in ICAT
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Incurred Cost Proposals

Simplify FAR Compliance

Stop manually plugging cost data into complex spreadsheets.

ICAT simplifies your annual Incurred Cost Submission by generating all required and optional schedules under FAR 52.216‑7. ICAT automatically populates all cost data into the schedules directly from QuickBooks.

Get back your time and reduce the risk of error.

What ICAT Users Say

“ICAT has been a big help in being able to produce the Incurred Cost Submission – some 16 tabs of information, all laid out, all pulled from our QuickBooks accounting system, with minimal work that needs to be done. Other systems don't do that. That's huge!”
Frederick McCullough, CEO
Advancement Strategy Consulting

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