DCAA Compliant Accounting & Reporting for Government Contractors using QuickBooks®

ICAT Systems's easy-to-use ICAT software adds indirect cost accounting and reporting to your general ledger – so you can confidently compete for and manage government contracts.

The ICAT Advantage

Streamline contract cost accounting and reporting using ICAT with QuickBooks

Quickly and easily scale your accounting system to manage contract costs and satisfy FAR and DFARS requirements, so you can pass a DCAA accounting system review.

ICAT seamlessly calculates indirect rates and allocates indirect cost to contracts from your QuickBooks general ledger. Instantly run fully-loaded contract cost reports, generate your Incurred Cost Proposal, analyze budgets, and develop provisional billing rates.

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Our Software

Designed for Government Contractors

ICAT for QuickBooks® gives small businesses an affordable, scalable solution to manage contract costs and satisfy FAR and DFARS requirements. ICAT automates indirect cost allocation, and adds incurred cost reporting, budgeting, and provisional indirect rate capabilities to your existing accounting system.

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Save Time and Streamline Reporting

Seamlessly allocate indirect costs, instantly calculate indirect rates, and gain timely reports to manage your business directly from your QuickBooks general ledger.
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Reduce the Risk of Noncompliance

Move past manual calculations and reduce risk with accurate, consistent accounting and reporting to support Federal regulations and oversight through the life of the contract.
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Understand Costs and Improve Profitability

Always know your total job costs, seamlessly monitor contract backlogs, and ensure you are charging enough to cover indirect costs and make a profit.
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Qualify for More Contracts

Quickly increase your contract opportunities and grow revenue with an easy-to-implement, customizable DCAA compliant accounting system.

On-Demand Training

Gain expertise to navigate
FAR, DFARS, and DCAA compliance

Government contractors face unique regulatory compliance challenges. With on-demand CPE-eligible training, accountants and government contractors gain the knowledge and skills to comply.

Cost Accounting for Government Contractors

Earn 12 CPE

Explore relevant FAR and DFARS regulations, learn the fundamentals of how to comply, and discover what to expect from audits.
  • Accounting Systems & SF1408
  • Provisional Billing Rates
  • Final Indirect Cost Rate Proposals

Make QuickBooks® DCAA Compliant for Government Contracts

Earn 5 CPE

Watch step-by-step tutorials of proven methods for configuring QuickBooks Desktop for government contracting.
  • Satisfy SF1408
  • Labor distribution options
  • Reporting outside of QuickBooks