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SF1408 & Accounting System Compliance

Is your accounting system ready for government contracting?

Do you know your actual indirect rates, or whether your labor rates cover your costs?

Can you determine total costs charged to a job?

Whether you are preparing for cost-type contracts, or simply want a complete understanding of the costs associated with specific jobs, you need to understand how to structure your accounting system for government contracting.

We’re launching a new educational webinar series covering fundamental concepts of government contract cost accounting.

In our first session, SF1408 & Accounting System Compliance, we’ll review what is takes to set up a "DCAA compliant" accounting system. You’ll learn how to structure your chart of accounts, account for direct and indirect costs, and what is required for timekeeping and labor distribution. You’ll also see sample reports with the financial information that can be generated from a compliant accounting system.

When your accounting system is designed in accordance with the Standard Form 1408 criteria, you’ll not only qualify for new contract solicitations that require an "adequate" accounting system. You’ll have a clearer view of your financial operation, and essential insights to price more competitively, ensure profitability, and grow your business.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Identify the requirements of a "DCAA compliant" accounting system and what is needed to pass a SF1408 review.
  • Explain the benefits of adopting an adequate accounting system.
  • Discuss practical steps for designing your accounting system for government contracting.

Please note, this webinar is not eligible for CPE.

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